Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Day 24

Rain Rain Go Away. Today was kind of a difficult training today because it was pouring rain. Rain plus an electric wheel chair is not a good combination. So I had to limit my training to what we could do in doors. I wanted to teach Bailey auto "leave it". I wanted to do this for two reasons. First of all God knows what will be on the ground when Bailey and I are out in public. And second I'm a messy eater and while I let my pet dog be a "vacuum" I don't want Bailey to get into this habit. Since I'm going to be taking him to restaurants it's very important that he's not eating tidbits off the floor. Also I want to keep Bailey as healthy as possible so zero "people food". To train auto leave it I had my aide put some kibble on the floor and with Bailey on leash take him near to the food. The food would catch his attention (although he wasn't able to reach it). When Bailey would turn his attention away from the temptation on the floor, and look up at my aide, he would get a click and a chicken treat. He did fabulously. We then increased the temptation from boring kibble to yummy peanut butter. He again did great, even when my aide put the peanut butter close to him and within edible distance. Then came the chicken, one, two and then three pieces were put on the floor to temp him. He didn't eat any of them! Eventually I want to make an obstacle course out in the Tennis Courts with all of Baileys favorite foods and walk him through it, rewarding him when he doesn't grab the snacks.
After Leave it I did bell training and he did great. And of course then it was nap time.This dog sleeps more than any dog I've had before. After he woke up I wanted to try an experiment. Because I have full time aides it is important that Bailey learns to "get busy" while he is walking on leash with my aide, instead of with me. If I am sick, too busy with Grad School homework, or in bed, he needs to be cool with my aides taking him out to get busy. So today my aide put him on leash and took him out into the yard without me. He was definitely not happy when she shut the door and I wasn't out back with him. She said when she shut the door he let out a little whine and looked back to the doorway. He then looked up at her with an expression that said 'Ummmm what's going on here?" But as soon as she said "bailey get busy" he relaxed and understood it was pee time. After that it was lunch time and Bailey just slept. After lunch because I had exhausted all of my indoors training sessions and chicken treats I decided to leave a little early. So Bailey went back in his crate and I left for the day.

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