Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our first outing!

Today was a big day. I had Bailey all day with no trainer. First we went on a walk and it was the first time he ever walked with my chair. He did great! I bumped into him a few times but all in all, he heeled very well. (I'm in love with his leash) My aide said he kept looking at me to check in when we were walking.What a good boy!

After the walk, we went inside for a bell training session. He came when I rang the bell 90% of the time. Then I decided it was play time! I brought a 'Fetch Me' ball and stick set and although he liked the ball, he went crazy for the stick!

After that I took him to "get busy"- AKA go potty- and it was off to the bank. He was an angel! Except for when we got in line he knocked down one of the barriers with his leash and got a little freaked out. He just lied down when I was talking to the bank teller. After that we went to a deli to pick up lunch. Again, he was amazing.

I put him in his crate when we were eating because my trainer and I have not worked on "leave it" with him yet and I wanted to enjoy my lunch. I could also tell that he was tired from our trip. He napped while we ate. After lunch we had one more bell training session. He did pretty good except he was kind of burnt out so we did one final "get busy" before I headed home. I am so impressed with how well he did.
As much as I am so happy we had zero access problems I guarantee that it was because I am visibly disabled. I have heard stories from people with invisible disabilities that they get hassled. Obviously they need their dogs as much as I do. It just sucks that they have to go through another layer of bureaucracy just to get through daily life. I'm sure I will have access problems at some point, but not as much as the people with invisible disabilities.


  1. Eva, Bailey is adorable.

    And by "invisible diabilities" I'm guessing that would be deafness? Epilipsy? Others, I'm sure, that I just don't know about.

    If you'd like me to link "Doodle" to my blog, just let me know.

  2. He is adorable! Where did you get that neat leash?

  3.'s your uncle Tom. This is really cool........strange how much a pet can enter your life and you get really connected. Their loyalty is just an amasing aspect of what a dog can offer and it just seems to be there. Take good care of him and he will pay you back in ways that will just amase you. This looks like the start of a great relationship........I know Bailey is just a dog but that is such an understatement when it come to how your daily life will become intertwined with him (I am assumming its a him). Great post kepp us informed and i will look forward to meeting him when i come out to see you guys..........on of these days. Love to all Tom