Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Training Day One

So this was my official start of training Bailey. I was out town the first week he was here, so I hadn't seen him since I met him. Boy was he different. He had a haircut and went to the vet for a check up (he's healthy except for some intestinal parasites). He was more social with me, especially when he learned I was the peanut butter giver. I wanted to teach him to come, so I brought a fifteen foot leash. I tried to get a bike bell but the shop only had bells I couldn't use. Luckily my trainer happened to have one, and it was easy for me to use. So we practiced me hiting the bell and any time Bailey would look or respond he got rewarded with peanut butter. He caught on very quickly. Within ten minutes he would come with 90% accuracy when I rang the bell. I was amazed! He also stayed near me the whole time. I brought a fifteen foot leash because I thought I would have to reel him into me to teach "come". I never had to reel him in. He was so smart. I am very impressed with my five month old service puppy. Here is a video of him coming

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  1. I'm really interested. What all will the dog will be able to do for you? Does it mean that you can go part of the day without an aide, or will he be an addition to the human aide? He's adorable and seems very smart!