Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Training ideas

  • Figure out the 22 eye gaze commands from Canine Assistants
  • Work on "leave it"- especially because I am a messy eater and often drop food on the floor
  • Buy or make a "settle" mat to bring to restaurants, classes, etc, so Bailey has his place
  • Work on eye contact with bell- possibly only click when he looks at me (after he gets "come"down)
That's it for now. Tomorrow I will be taking him to Petco and then to a deli to pick up some lunch.

1 comment:

  1. I worked with a service (Hearing) dog for a while, and "Leave it" is very important, but I found also one of the most difficult.

    Another hard one (for my dog at least)was getting her to not pay attention when rude people would try to get her to come to them or pet her. You'd think the little vest that says "Please do not pet me, I am working" would stop people, but you'd be wrong. Sigh.

    Best of luck to you!