Friday, August 20, 2010

Training day 4

Wow, what a difference 2 days makes. Today Bailey was energetic and wanting to work. We first did "come to the bell" and he nailed it. I brought him a yoga mat which I want to train him to use under restaurant tables, in class, and other places where he can lie down for a while. We clicked and treated every time all 4 paws were on the mat. Of course, most of the time it was by accident, but he will learn that whenever the mat gets put down he should lay on it. Then it was potty time. He just got cleared of Giardia (yay!) so I could walk him around the yard to go pee and so he could practice walking with me. He did well, although I did clip him with my chair once and he yelped. Now you all know I am 100% positive with my training, but I don't think that clipping him with my chair is the end of the world. It's how dogs learns to give me space when we walk. But hearing him yelp did tug on my heartstrings. During lunch we ate outside in the fenced in area and he just laid down. Then it was errands time. Now I was a little nervous because of the little growl he let out last time, but he was a total angel! We went to the drug store and I walked him all over the store. There were lots of people and he did great. He walked with me, didn't sniff things, negotiated obstacles (like racks and aisles), and did great in line.

I think the growling incident was because he and I are/were still getting to know each other. I took him to a strange new place with lots of people and he didn't trust that I wasn't going to let anything bad happen. I think over time as our relationship grows, he will be fine going anywhere with me.

After the drug store I put him in his crate and left. I'm so pleased about how well he did.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, this is really interesting.

  2. The yoga mat is a very thoughtful idea--more comfortable for him and a cleaner spot for him.

    You're causing me to consider doing this as well!