Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bailey update

So after $800.00 it turns out Bailey just has a stomach ache. He had x-rays, spent the night at a specialist, drank barium to see if he had a blockage in his intestines. But no, just a stomach ache. I'm relieved! And extra relieved that my insurance will pay for part of it.


  1. awsome I was hoping that is what it was. glad to hear that but it is better to be safe than sorry he could have eaten something . i had to watch my puppy when he was throwing up to make sure he was having bowel movements and then if he continued to throw up when i put him back on food i had to take him to the vet but after he fasted for 24 hours with only water he did better he had to eat rice mixed with hamburg for a bit but now he is over it but still gets his rice lol my spoiled boy

  2. I am very glad that Bailey is better!