Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training Day 13

Today was a trip to Target. When I got to my trainer's house she told me that she had taken Bailey to Curves earlier today. For those of you who don't know, Curves is a small gym that utilizes low impact circuit training. The entire workout takes about 35 minutes. My trainer said she put Bailey's mat in the corner of the room and he laid down on it the entire time and only briefly got up once. Pretty impressive! We got Bailey and immediately went to Target. He did superb. I walked him all over target, we went upstairs via the elevator, walked up and down the aisles, navigated through people and carts. Nothing seemed to phase or excite him. His auto-sit was very good. All in all a very good outing. When we got home I took Bailey outside to go to the bathroom. He must have had to go really bad because he immediately pooped. It's very clear to me that he is 100% potty trained. Because even though he most likely had to go to the bathroom while we were in target, he waited until we got to a more appropriate place (aka his house) to go. I had cooked up some more chicken jerky, but this time used chicken thighs instead of chicken breast. I now know why the jerky recipe called for the breast. The chicken thighs were way too fatty and greasy. They could possibly upset his stomach again. So I warned his trainer that if he is complaining of stomach issues again that it is probably just the greasy chicken and there is no need to rush him off to the Vet. After we came inside it was time for lunch. Bailey crashed out!
After lunch I wanted to take him outside one more time to pee (since he didn't go earlier). He peed immediately and I could tell he was tired from his big day out. So it was time to put him in his crate.

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