Friday, September 3, 2010

Training day 8- For real

So apparently nothing fazes my dog. When I got to my trainer's house, Bailey was his normal happy self. My trainer said (again) nobody really knows why he was sick. I had a coffee date with my friend and decided to bring Bailey's mat. I was not sure if Bailey would lay on it or stay on it but I was like, let's bring it and see what happens. He remembered the car and jumped right in. This was his first ride with a seat-belt on and he did great. At Starbucks, we put his mat down and he stayed on it the whole time (about 1 hour). I was very impressed! He did kind of sit up a few times but lay back down without a problem or having to be asked. The more he learns to do things automatically, the less commands I have to use. For example, sit at the door. I could make a signal for it but it would be pretty tiring to stop driving, do the sign, and continue driving after he sits. If he learns to do it automatically, I just have to stop driving and wait.

So after Starbucks I took Bailey back to his house and he peed for one minute straight. I thought it was odd because he hadn't had too much to drink but my aide reminded me that he had been pumped full of fluids the previous day. During lunch, he went on his own into his crate with the door wide open. He crashed all during lunch.

After lunch it was play time. We went to the side yard where there are lots of toys and started chucking tennis balls. Bailey is a funny guy- he doesn't chase balls, he waits until they stop rolling and then walks over and picks it up. He doesn't have 'retrieve' down yet. He often just lies down with the ball. Funny boy.

After play time since it was so hot and he was tired, I put him in his crate and left. I didn't do bell training becuase I thought Cheese-Whiz might not be a good idea today. I discovered that Bailey is kind of vain. The vet had to shave a small patch from his front leg where the IV was put. Bailey kept looking at it like "what??" He literally did that 20 times. A dog with fashion sense.

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  1. Glad to hear Bailey is feeling good! Dogs have a pretty awesome ability to move on and live in the present :)