Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Training Day 17

Today when we got to my Trainer's house Bailey was in the Tennis court area. He was let out and I stayed at the back of the pool yard next to the door. It was like Bailey was shot from a cannon. As soon as he went through the gate he zoomed through the yard, bounded over the pool cover and landed at my side. He then did a few more happy laps around the yard and followed me into the house. We got him vested up and loaded him into the van to go to Orchard Supply Warehouse. Here is a video showing how well he gets into my van.

At OSH he was a perfect gentleman. We walked up and down the aisles and he didn't sniff or pull. Everytime I stopped my wheelchair he would sit down next to me even when people were walking by, which could have been distracting. He did great and showed zero of his teenage rebellion. Watch:

By the end of us walking around through OSH, I could tell he was getting tired because he started to lie on the ground every time I stopped my wheelchair. So we went back to his house and I took him outside to "get busy". Again, he must have had to go really bad because he immediately went pee for literally 30 seconds. After, he slept all through lunch.
After lunch we did auto-sit training and he did really well. Even when his buddies were distracting him he wiggled and wagged his tail for a second and then while wagging his tail, remembered he was supposed to sit, and did them both at the same time. Cute! As a reward I took Bailey into the Tennis Courts to play with his buddies. All in all a very good day.

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  1. why is he getting clicked but not treated? that's a very good way to extinguish a behavior.