Thursday, September 9, 2010

Training Day 10

When we got there today Bailey was happily running around on the pool cover (which he is not supposed to be doing). The woman who was watching Bailey brought him in just as I was going to go outside to get him. We then did bell training and he was nearly 100%. I talked to his Vet who said cheez whiz in large quantities was not good for him, so instead we kept using the peanut butter. After bell training I wanted to see if he remembered the "auto-sit" session from yesterday and lo and behold he did! He sat quickly every time I stopped my wheelchair. Then it was time for something brand new. Because I had to hang out with Bailey today my physical therapist came over to Bailey's house. I wanted to set him up for success. So rather than let him wander around off the leash, and have my aide keep calling him back when he got in the way, I asked my aide to sit with him and keep him on the leash. He did amazing and slept on his mat the entire time (1 hour). Then I took him to go potty, and then it was lunch time. He just chilled out while I ate. After lunch I wanted to do one more "auto-sit" session. He did phenomenally! I put him in the kitchen before I left. Tomorrow we're going to the grocery store to get cream cheese, which his Vet recommended as an alternative to cheez whiz. Here's a video of Bailey automatically sitting.


  1. thats great to see glad he is doing so well

  2. looks like youre both doing a phenomenal job! what an amazing experience- im not gonna lie im kinda jealous :)

  3. Today's video is priceless! You are doing great work with him, Eva.
    He will love the cream cheese. We used to give that to our dogs (usually with a pill tucked inside, but they never knew it).
    Another treat possibility, if you want to change things up a bit, would be some bottled baby food, the meat kind. It is pretty nourishing and the dogs love it.
    Keep up the great work and thanks so much for posting your progress! Kudos!

  4. What a smart pooch! Glad he's working out well. Can't wait to see more tricks while in training.