Friday, September 10, 2010

Training Day 11

Again when I got to my trainer's house Bailey was playing in the Tennis courts, and he was super excited to see me. I got him and we immediately went to the grocery store. It had been six days since he had been in the car, but he jumped right in. The grocery store was very crowded and I was a bit nervous as to how Bailey would react, but he was superb. He stayed next to me while we went all around the store. I did some auto-sit training and considering he had a lot of distractions he did very well. He wasn't as fast as in the backyard but that will come. After I got back to Baileys house I took him to pee. Then I wanted to see if he liked the cream cheese so we did bell training. He seemed to like it. He did pass out after five minutes.(not from the cream cheese, he was just tired) After lunch I wanted to do another auto-sit session in the backyard. He nailed it! I'm so impressed by his ability to learn. After, I put him in the Tennis courts with his buddies and called it a day.

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