Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training Day 18

So here's how Bailey greets me every time I come over to my trainer's house. He's kinda not supposed to run on the pool cover but it's too cute to stop him(and it's totally secure so don't worry he won't fall in).

Since my Trainer's den was being cleaned this morning I decided to start with auto-sit training in the back yard. He did really well. He sat quickly and was focused even when all of the dogs were barking at him from behind the Tennis court fence. He's doing pretty well with only getting treats every once and a while.So after auto-sit training I took Bailey inside the house because  I wanted to do light switch training. I put the light switch extender on the switch and put the switch itself about halfway up. This didn't cause the light to go on but it made it easier for Bailey to "accidentally" turn the light on. He turned it on a few times and got a big reward, a handful of his favorite treat, chicken. He seemed to understand more today than he did on Monday but he still doesn't quite get it 100%. I was however, really pleased with his progress today. He also didn't get frustrated today. 
 After light switch training I wanted to take him back outside to go pee. He peed really quickly. I think my system of putting him on a longer leash when it's time to "get busy" has really helped. Bailey crashed after he came back inside. He slept all through lunch. After lunch I wanted to do one more light switch training session. I kept it short because I didn't want him to get frustrated. He did well and I ended the session on a good note-after he hit the switch and got lots of chicken.I then took him to the tennis courts for a little playtime with his buddies. I wanted to get a video of him playing with the other dogs but everyone was pretty mellow today from the hot sun.

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