Friday, September 17, 2010

Training Day 14

When I got to my Trainer's house today, Bailey was outside playing in the tennis courts. My aide went to go get him out of the courts while I waited inside the house near the window. My aide said that Bailey greeted her happily but as soon as he noticed I was not with her took off excitedly running towards the house like a bullet(running right over the covered pool). He ran through the doorway and immediately stopped next to my chair to greet me with some rapid tail wagging. My aide was left far behind in the backyard. We then did bell training and he was super! He then passed out because he had quite a busy morning. My trainer had taken him to the grocery store that morning as well as his regular playtime in the tennis courts. He slept for a good half hour while I checked my emails on my phone. After, I wanted to get him moving so we did auto-sit training. Rather than following me and giving Bailey treats every time he sat, my aide stood at one place in the yard and I went around the yard with Bailey stopping every so often. My aide would still use the clicker every time Bailey sat when I stopped my chair but he only got a treat (with the clicking) every once in a while. Bailey was a little slower at first knowing that the normal bag of chicken treats wasn't right next to him but he did very well. I even went over to the fence where several of Bailey's buddies were making a fuss and trying to get his attention. He still sat every time I stopped my chair, even when he was nose to nose with his friends. After that it was lunch time, and guess what Bailey did?...slept!
After lunch I wanted to take him to pee and I'm trying something new. Normally I keep him on a short leash when we go outside. But because I also do this when we are training I think it might be confusing for him when it's time for him to go pee and not be in "training mode". So today I put him on a longer leash and had my aide say "get busy". He peed immediately. My aide was petting the other dogs in the yard and didn't notice Bailey's leash fell off my chair. Bailey just laid down next to me-what a good boy. We then changed his leash back to its shorter version and did another round of auto-sit training. He did very well.
When we got back inside the house, I wanted my trainer to show me how she's been working with bailey to turn on light switches for me. I'm sure I could have figured out how to train Bailey to do this but I want to be consistent with the training that she is already providing. Bailey is slowly getting it. But this is a tough one for him for some reason. My trainer is leaving town for a few days and I get to spend all next week with Bailey. So my goal is to get him to turn that light switch on by the time my trainer gets back from her trip. It was then crate time.

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