Friday, September 24, 2010

Training Day 19

When we got to my Trainer's house today we immediately vested Bailey up and drove to Smart & Final. Smart & Final was pretty crowded with lots of kids and their bargain shopping parents. Bailey did excellent! He stayed by my side the entire time and sat pretty quickly when I stopped my chair. Also we had no drive by petters despite all the kids. Yay!
   After we got home I took Bailey outside to pee. He now totally understands the difference between when he's on the short leash and when he's on the long leash (and it's time to "get busy"). When Bailey is put on the long leash he immediately starts sniffing the lawn looking for a place to pee. But when he's on the short leash his focus is on me and he doesn't sniff the ground. What a smart boy! Bailey immediately crashed out when we got back inside.
   After lunch we did light switch training. I've asked my aide to use verbal commands during the beginning of this training process and then once Bailey understands the task 100% my aide will only use the clicker and treats to reward Bailey, and I will be the one to tell Bailey to turn on the lights by eye pointing. In the in between phase both of us will be telling him to turn on the light, her verbally, and me eye- pointing.  Here's a video of the beginning of our training session today (He didn't do as good as it looks haha).

   Although he did awesome in the beginning he still doesn't understand 100% that he needs to actually flip the switch to get a treat instead of just touching his nose to it. I frankly don't care whether or not he understands he's turning on the light, he just has to know that he is supposed to flip the switch. I'm very impressed with the progress he's made in just three short light switch training sessions. He's such a smart boy. After the light switch session it was time to go so we put Bailey in the side yard with his friends. We had a great week together.

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